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Managing risks

Whichever path in life we take, risk is inevitable.  For example, we are graduates with advanced degrees, however, many of us will never find a secure job with benefits.

Mistakes teach us how to manage risk.  Along our journey, we’ll learn to assess risk better.


How risk tolerant are we?

The questions in the activity sheet will get us thinking about our general attitude towards risk.

Personal challenges

The following 4 challenges can prevent us from taking charge of our money:

  1. fear
  2. nay-saying
  3. laziness
  4. bad habits


There’re a lot of things that we can fear – the fear of not having enough or losing money.  Owing to these fears, we struggle financially.  We can learn from John D Rockerfeller who said: “I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity.”


Many of us have a doom and gloom attitude towards life – the consummate cynic.  When it comes to money, we can find these naysayers everywhere – ourselves, family, relative, friends, co-workers and even the media.  There’s empty noise all around us that blinds us to opportunities;.


Busy people are often the laziest.  Busyness is a form of avoidance.  If we stay busy then we can avoid some of the things we don’t want to face, such as exercising, eating properly and taking care of our money.

Bad habits

Rich Dad teaches the principle of paying ourselves first.  After we pay our bills each month do we have anything left over?  Paying our creditors before we pay ourselves is a bad financial habit.  Paying ourselves first allows us to grow mentally and financially.

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