5 Reasons Why You Need a Plan for Your Life

Do you have a Plan for your life?

There is a Divine Plan for your life.  Sometimes you may do something that does not line up with this plan, but rest assured, He is not surprised by anything that you do.  You need a Plan for your life; a Plan that was designed through prayerful guidance from Him.
Some of us are are spectators in our own lives; we are watching life pass us by.  Without a clear Plan for your life, you will continue to go with the wind from year to year and one day you may end up somewhere you don’t like.  It is then that you’ll wonder how you got there in the first place.  You can live a more abundant life by determining ahead of time the outcomes you want to experience.

Why you need a Plan for your life

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. 

– Jim Rohn

A Plan for your life will:

  1. clarify your beliefs and what’s important to you.  People will try to impose their own beliefs and what’s important to them on you.  However, what’s important to them may not be important to you.  You will learn to say no to things that don’t hold a place of importance for you.
  2. identify your current situation.  Knowing where you currently stand allows you to make improvements in areas that need work.
  3. help you to maintain a work-life balance.  Work–life balance may be defined as the correct prioritising between your job and/or career and your life outside of work (your spiritual development, family, health and leisure activities).
  4. help you to outline a path to where you want to go.  The path also includes strategies about how you will get to where you want to go.  The journey will get rough, so having a Plan will help to keep you motivated along the way.
  5. minimise the numbers of regrets you’ll have as you approach the end of your life.  We are all busy and life has a way of happening.  In your heart of hearts, you know what it is that you should be doing, but you just haven’t gotten around to it as yet.  You’ll never be able to control everything, but you can start making a Plan right now.Plan for your life
The most important lesson that I have learned is to trust God in every circumstance. Lots of times we go through different trials and following God’s plan seems like it doesn’t make any sense at all. God is always in control and He will never leave us. 
– Allyson Felix

Action step:  Start a Plan for your life right now.  Write down 2 things you want to have or experience in the major areas (spiritual, financial, family, etc) of your life. 

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but don’t change the dream.  Dare to believe in the power of you because with God, anything is possible.

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  • Dannella  says:

    i need to start working on my plan..thanks for this

    • Kaynijo  says:

      Any time chica 🙂 You know where to find me if you need help 😉

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