Money – if we are ready to receive it


If we’re ready to receive it, then it can be ours.  Now is as good a time as any to make one of the most important decisions of our lives.  We must decide if we’re going to learn how to take control of our money.  Taking control empowers us to chart a new life for ourselves and our family.  It’s hard.  After the initial decision, we’ll have to follow up and follow through.  We’ll need to take one step at a time towards our goal.  Success won’t happen over night.

As with any other road trip we’ll need a map; some kind of guide.  Money 101 – KISS (Keeping It Super Simple) is the guide that we’ll be using along our journey.  It’ll show us another way to think about money.  Well done – we chose financial education – it’s the road least traveled.  Now, the real work begins.

Our current location

Where are we now?  What do we fear the most?  How do we feel about money?  What’s holding us back? What keeps us up at nights?

To change our lives we must change our minds

As a man thinketh, so is he. – Proverbs 23:7
This isn’t a new concept.  Several books have been written on this subject, for example, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  In the words of Michael Jackson, let’s start with the man in the mirror.

Look in the mirror, what do we see?  Are our thoughts mostly negative or positive?  Let’s start understanding the true meaning behind our negative thoughts.  It’s time to start being honest with ourselves.


Read and complete the free activity sheet now.  Here’s an example to get us started.
I’m not good enough
I’ve tried before and failed.  I felt like a fool.
I’m afraid of failing

Managing our expectations

There’ll come a point when we feel discouraged.  We’ll feel like things aren’t going our way or that changes aren’t happening fast enough.

It’s hard to stay committed to the cause especially when money is going out quicker than it’s coming in.  It’s easier to go back to our old ways of complaining about how hard things are and how high cost of living is.

Whatever our current relationship with money, it has taken our entire lives to get there.  If we’ve had a lifetime of a bad relationship, why then would we expect a good relationship to dramatically appear if we keep making the same old choices and doing the same old things.

It’s important to surround ourselves with like minded people.  The right environment will encourage us along this journey.

The reality is that it’s hard!  It’s hard to:

  • be patient with the process;
  • stay motivated;
  • take a step every day towards our goal;
  • be consistent;
  • to know that our expenses exceed our income;
  • to think long term about retirement when we’re struggling to keep our head above water here and now.
It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard.  At the end of the day however, the choice is ours.

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