Money – we live & we learn

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We’ve discussed how our negative thoughts keeps us imprisoned.  What about the flip side?  When we look in the mirror, who do we see?  Despite our past money mistakes, what are some of the things that we love about the person that’s looking back at us?  Our thoughts are internal things that we have the power to control.

Thinking long term

We have very little control over what happens externally.  Subsequently, when it comes to money, we have to keep our eyes and ears open to know where we are.  The more we understand our current position the better we’ll be able to spot opportunities.

Companies no longer care about us for the long term.  We’re retiring earlier and living longer and will need more financial resources during our retirement.  If we believe that our financial security is the responsibility of our employers or the government, gear up to be disappointed.

It’s never too late

We live and we learn – money mistakes are inevitable.  We may feel foolish from having made mistakes but we can learn from them. They are opportunities to learn something new.


Activity 1 – Where are we now will help us to get a better understanding of our money relationship.

Activity 2 – What’s our money story will help us to understand our past as it relates to money and help us to access some of our past money mistakes.

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