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            How to make lubrication oil dip fully into gearmotors
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            Gear reducer is a combination of reduction motor and large SEW gear box, without coupling adapter, compact structure. Because of load distribution on the planetary gears, it is higher in load capacity than the ordinary helical gear reducer, to meet the needs of high torque output in small space, but in this case there will be a problem: how to dip lubrication oil completely into gear reducers. Today a simple and practical method will be introduced.
            Lubrication method in gear reducer transmission will depend on the circumferential velocity of gears. When the circumferential velocity of gears V is less than 12m/s, the teeth of big gears is usually dipped into lubrication oil. Therefore, lubrication oil will be put into gear surface as the gear is under transmission, meanwhile it is also flung to oil tank wall in order to cooling. Dip oil depth of gears will depend on circumferential velocity of gears, for cylinder gears it is not more than one gear in height, but usually not less than 10mm; For cylinder lubrication oil should cover full gear width, at least half gear width. In the multi-stage gear drive, oil can be brought into gear surface with oil tank which is not immersed.
            Oil mass in oil pool will depend on gear drive power. For single-stage transmission, about 0.35 – 0.7Lo is needed every 1kw transmission. For multi-stage transmission, oil demand will increase exponentially according to stage number. When the circumferential velocity of reducer gear is more than 12m/s, injection lubrication should be used, that is lubrication oil will be supplied by oil pump or center oil station in a certain pressure, then sprayed into gear surface by oil nozzle. As v≤25m/s, it is Ok that the nozzle is located in or beside gear teeth; When v>25m/s, the nozzle should be located side edge of gear to cool the gear in time with lubrication oil which was just meshed, meanwhile make gears lubricated.

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