But God…

A new year

It’s a brand new year.  Many have noticed this for a few weeks now.  For me it has been a different kind of new year.

Hospitalized, but God

I was hospitalized from over the Christmas holidays and was discharged the middle of January.  Whilst some rung in the new year in fine style, I spent my New Year’s Eve having a central line inserted in my neck without sedation but “don’t cry for me Argentina”.

I almost lost my life, But God…  He is a good God who spared me to one day tell the tale in its entirety.

Life happened

In my mind, time froze.  My sole objective was to get back to my family as soon as I was medically able.  Now that I’m out, I’m playing catch up.  Life also happened to those around me.

  1. A friend lost her beloved Sunshine to dengue.  I can’t walk this walk for her but my heart is with them as they try to process.  About a year ago death paid my family a visit when my husband and I lost our son Ryan.
  2. Two cousins died from gun shot wounds.
  3. Two uncles were simultaneously hospitalized and underwent surgery.  Thankfully both are alive and on the mend.
  4. Just when I thought the family drama could get no worse – it did.

But God…

The answer

My step son who is having his own set of challenges asked:

Auntie Kay, you’re always teaching me about life lessons.  Why do we have to go through all this?

I paused, took a deep breath and said:

Rhysie, I’ve only just tipped the top of the iceberg of a 3 week long life lesson.  I too have been asking why.  We can only try to figure it out together.

We don’t have all the answers.  Life will happen to us, for us , against and around us.  However, one thing is certain – God is a good God.  From personal experience, in the midst of our trials this truth doesn’t always comfort us.  Words…They often can’t do justice to the pain and anger we’re feeling.

But God…

Cheers to the rest of this year.  The journey of life is more a marathon than a sprint.


5 comments to But God…

  • Momplete  says:

    Thank God. ‘God is good’ is not always easy to see.

  • Unplug  says:

    I will hold my head high, I will embrace the ride, I will stare ‘brokenness’ point black in his eyes and prove he is a lie!

    • Unplug  says:

      Bring it on, I’ll do as many rounds as you like, a punch to the left, a punch to the right an uppercut and now the double edged swords plung through my vitals and slice all my veins – that’s all you got? You may bring me to my knees, heck even on my face but you know what we still arise…

  • David  says:

    Glad to here that you are recovering Cuz. You’ve had double blow and your still standing, thats the Johnson trait its in our genetics we tougher than tough. Good luck for the future to you and you family K

    • Kaynijo  says:

      Thanks Dave. For real, we know no other way 🙂

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