Kay | Kaynijo.comHi, I’m Kay and welcome to Kaynijo.com my little space on the internet.  I’ve been asked, what does Kaynijo mean – it’s an acronym for my full name.

From a very young age, I’ve been writing down what’s going on my noisy and chaotic mind.  In 2010 I started this blog to share some of these thoughts.  I’m an ordinary girl who has been through some stuff just like everybody else and I see where sharing my experiences with others act as a source of encouragement.

I was taught to go to school, get good grades so that I can get a good job and earn millions. Imagine my shock horror surprise when years later , these millions that I’d heard of were nowhere to be found!

My goal is the ultimate luxury of choice – the choice to do what I want, when I want.

What else do I do?

I teach and conduct Cashflow workshops.

Cashflow is an investing game that was created by Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.  The game teaches how to battle your way out of the rat race.  Cashflow is a fun and interactive way to learn about money and investing.

The gallery below is a collection of some of my work over the years.

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    Opening prayer at a networking training session

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